Future Neurochemistry

The philosophy of neurotransmitters


The Earth has already opened its gates to the energies of the fifth dimension which is a dimension of crystal clarity. Around 2012, which is a borderline point in time, when the planet and its animate matter will enter a new cycle of evolution. The Earth “changes” to a geological, physical, psychic, spiritual, social and theological level and the new cycle of evolution has been “determined” as a Postatlantic civilization.

We have been bombarded with new information, new sources of knowledge that spring in the entire planet. Some of them are known, while others are not. The old data change, the planet’ soul is liberated and the new souls born have a modified neurosystem which allows them to become the harbingers of the metahumans who will inhabit the Earth. The mutant energies of catharsis which enter the earth’s magnetic network, they modify the structure of human DNA which is now ready to accept the rapid changes.

Medicine of the future will give people complete health until the final exit from the planet. Bimolecular researchers will receive higher information and construct hybrid machinery of higher technology. This machinery will have an advanced intelligence system. Hybrid crystals will track the denaturations in the human body. The main way of healing will be through nanospheres which will be preserved in crystal feed matrixes and will be properly modified to repair all the damages in the human body. Also, some of these will recreate new organs by human tissues which will replace the worn ones, without incisions and without chemicals toxicity.

For now, such machinery – computers have been built which track the frequency of cells and channel frequencies of “change”. This is the first step.  Crystal technology of the fifth dimension is still in a research form, resulting in the healings not exhibiting the desired results just yet. It is known that diseases are 80% psychosomatic. A part of them are records that are transferred to the soul archive of humans from life to life, with the aim to pass a certain lesson. 20% of the diseases is caused by food and atmosphere contamination, by heredity and dependencies (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, substances.

Emotional dependencies produce toxins in our bodies and overcharge creates inflammations and malignant and auto-immune diseases. Also, karmic memories instigate people to have imitative toxic behaviors. If a human does not have self-awareness, he cannot deal with such behaviors resulting in body and soul sickening.

The past 10 years, Maria Zavou has been provided with an alternate healing program, which focuses on the reprogramming of the neurotransmitters and the erasure of the karmic causes of a disease. Through the guidance by M.Z. a gate “opens” where entities-healers of the fifth dimension descend from. These entities present themselves in an ethereal body in the ethereal dimension and work as healers in the ethereal and stellar human bodies.

The treatment relies on three groups of entities.

The first group that works in human’s ethereal bodies is purifying entities. They locate neurotoxins and karmic melanomas which they erase, relieving humans of the cause of their karmic disease.

The second group is surgeon-entities who dispose of the disharmonies that are located in the body’s organs.

The third group consists of neurologists-geneticists who correct the damages in the neurosystem and reinstate the regular function of neurotransmitters. They insert energy nanospheres so that the latter can balance the flow of the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. The nanospheres convert the toxicity of the ethereal and stellar carrier.

A lot of damages are repaired, especially those which didn’t have time to manifest to our material carrier. But even in that case, the disease often subsides and along with medical guidance, the human is led to the proper healing. The divine power is imprinted in the DNA records center of every human, still this power is not easily detected because as far as most people is concerned, it is still in a state of dormancy. The bright nanospheres that the geneticists-entities of the fifth dimension insert when in the right frequency “awaken” the inner record of our divine elements.  The result is that the human subjects his inferior personality and develops a “bright” personality, in which the power of the soul is mirrored.

The operatives from the fifth dimension are already on the ethereal field of the earth. One of their missions is to cleanse the planet of soul melanomas and dark networks. At the same time, they activate the consciences of the humans who are now ready to pass to the new change frequencies the planet Earth has entered.

In particular, during the process of healing application, they are channeled from the heavenly entities neurocells, through frequencies, which are:

Enablers. These frequencies activate dopamine, which boosts the sense of optimism. Optimism is the basis of the later positive commands which concern evolution and creation.

Balancers. They function as soothers on hyperactivity of negative thoughtforms and connect logic with sentiment.

Productive neurocells. They produce endorphin, an important hormone which develops solutions in difficult situations and impasses.

Mutant neurocells. They locate neurons that sicken and transmute their structuring. This way, the “angry” speech and the authoritative demagogic human tendency is controlled.

Regulatory neurocells. They channel the proper acoustic pulses so that there is a smooth synapses at the neurons pairs.

Dischargers. These are frequencies that discharge the tensions.

All these divine frequencies of neurocells bear the memory and the abilities of the divine human origin in their core. As long as these remain inactive, the human is unaware of the wide field of his potential. But when the entities of the geneticists channel the proper frequencies, the brain neurocells change information, the human immune system responds positively and biochemistry changes. Basic requirement for the people who want to improve their health is to believe in the existence of divine protection, as well as the celestial entities of healers.

Regarding the treatments of the spiritual surgeries a more detailed description is included in Maria Zavou’s book entitled “Spiritual Surgeries-Applications from the 5th Dimension”. Studying this book, the human is taught how to treat, even how to perform a surgery on, his stellar body. After that, the treatment is transferred on the physical body.