When and How She Started

Maria Zavou was born in Piraeus. She studied painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts and completed her studies in St. Andrew’s University, in Chicago. She specialized in Iconography.

In 1985 she had her first contact with the angelic fields. The result of such communication is the recording of specific elements that concern the universe, the possible scenario of the planet’s evolution, the primeval knowledge and alternative medicine.
Professional Course
Gradually, after multiple communications and through envisions, Maria Zavou “shapes” the Theory of extragalactic dimensions, familiarizes herself with the angels, “relates” to their higher selves and creates a unique piece of painting that supports her philosophy through visual arts.

In the years to follow, she begins her writing work and faces the challenge of taking on the role of the spiritual guide.
In 1999 she sets up her school, which is called “The Gate of Angels”.

In the school Gate of Angels visionary- transcendental journeys to the fifth dimension (channeling) take place where through higher initiations they aim to spiritually enhance students-time travelers with the aim to awaken their divine intelligence, their personal mutation and alternative healing.
Many students have studied and have been studying in the School, while Maria Zavou teaches, besides Athens, in Thessaloniki, Cyprus and Finland.




Yolanda Fotaki is a healer and teacher on 5th dimensional crystal soundhealing and mental health counsellor of the synthetic approach.

In 2005 she started following the spiritual path next to Maria Zavou, creator of the Angelic Academy, where she was trained at 5th dimensional sound crystal therapy. Next she completed her studies as mental health counsellor at the Natural Health Science college of Athens and she runs psychotherapy groups at the Angelic Academy.

She has developed specific methods for space energy cleansing and for the activation of energy gates and she also teaches these methods and operations in seminars. Up until this day she coordinates all the activities at the Angelic Academy. The main quality of her Higher Angelic Self is the study of sound frequencies and to unlock the mission of the soul.
Yolanda loves nature, reading, photography and anything concerning art. These days she is on her new adventure studying music on percussion and string instruments.

Email: info@crystal-healing.gr