Maria Zavou’s teaching in the Gate of Angels School follows the Solar Christ Evolution, it advocates freedom in knowledge and learning and does not follow any religious doctrine. The spiritual principles of the field are based on the inner tradition of the Ancient Greece philosophers, in the inner teaching of Christ and other important spiritual masters of the fifth and sixth higher dimension of the universe. There are courses of self-awareness, self-improvement and personal advancement offered in the Gate of Angels School through spiritual-transcendental journeys with the teaching and guidance of Maria Zavou from information she receives through communicating with the higher dimension.

The main aim of the students’ training at the school are:

  • to awaken the divine spark with the memory of their celestial origin hidden in their hearts,
  • to change the way of thinking, outlook and approach to facts in their lives by giving them a detached look without succumbing to negative feelings, and
  • to realize that there is a potential of abilities and talents lying in their soul which is in a state of dormancy and which they can awaken with the help of higher luminous divine powers, the angels and archangels and masters of the Christ Hierarchy of the fifth and sixth dimension of the universe.

The students, through Maria Zavou’s spiritual guidance and in combination with their personal course of self-awareness, gradually

  • become liberated from their karmic constraints,
  • discover their true self
  • learn to love, respect and believe in it
  • abolish their fears, dependencies, superstitions and all blocks and obstacles that controlled their lives, and step-by-step
  • build a new reality that suits their true needs and wishes of their soul.

The Gate of Angels School helps students who attend the archangelic initiations to choose freedom over fear, to assert the life they deserve and work for it, because the spiritual world always rewards you for your faith.