The fifth dimension is defined as the sole reality of the upgrade of souls. It consists of thousands of galaxies and is run by the divine essence of the universe. Astrophysicists have discovered its existence and are in the process of validating it with evidence. At some point in the future, humans will be able to travel in this dimension through refolding of space and time.

The fifth dimension is an interdimensionin which the archetypes, the past, the present and the future converge. It is an existing space, however, in order for us to approach it we need a carrier that is compatible with the rules of this dimension. This carrier is the body of energy which is being built in the groups of students who are time-travelers, for the procedure if the transcendental journey.

The entities of these higher selves live and function in the fifth dimension. From there, they try to come in touch with their soul, their other part, in order to awaken it and guide it. Many confuse this entity with their guardian angel. However, although the higher self is our most important guardian, it has a different structure and attributes than angels do. We travel in the fifth dimension by transporting our psychic projections. The following requirements, however, are needed. First, a spiritual guide who is appropriately trained, is necessary. This is one of Maria Zavous’ main roles. Secondly, people who enter in this procedure must have been initiated in the mode of connecting with their higher self, because this self will be the messenger who connects the third and fourth dimension with fifth. Before each journey, the time-traveling studentsare lead, via Maria Zavous’ guidance, to the stages of relaxation in order to merge all their energy centers with the respective ones of their higher self.

There are seven centers: the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the thyroid, the heart, the solar center, the abdomen and the genital center. The students move on to deeper states of relaxation. The higher self pulls the stellar carrier through these connections. The material body is connected with the ethereal and the stellar via a luminous energy cord. After this stellar carrier is projected fully, the flows of the connections of all the centers are accelerated.

This union constitutes a kind of spiritual intercourse. An energy carrier is produced which contains elements from the fourth and fifth dimensions. We call this carrier an “energy body” and it can take us to the fifth dimension because it possesses those elements that will allow it to traverse it.