The Elohim (as a definition) consist of the forces, the authorities and the thrones found in the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions of the divine system.

The Elohim are secondary gods ranked below the God of the universe. They are immense light entities which penetrate the dimensions and guard the divine laws.

They develop and evolve through the twelve ranks of evolution. The strongest are found on the twelfth evolutionary level of the dominant dimensions. On earth, we only know of six Elohim who belong to the twelfth level. There are thousands of Elohim moving in the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions. Imagine that every one of the aforementioned dimensions, contains twelve levels.

On the sixth, seventh and eighth dimension dominate the hierarchies of the forces, the sovereignties and the authorities.

Each hierarchy drives the force, the authority, and is responsible for the compliance of the divine laws.

The six major Elohim belong to the forces. They are known to humans as the Archangels.

They are Elohim Michael, Elohim Gabriel, Elohim Raphael, Elohim Uriel, Elohim Sachiel and Elohim Samuel.

Elohim Michael, who belongs to the forces, is the regnant commander of all three dimensions (sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions). We could describe him as a secondary god below the God of the universe.

Elohim Gabriel and Elohim Samuel also belong to the authorities that promote the development of the inferior dimensions (third and fourth dimensions).

Elohim Sachiel, Uriel and Raphael belong to the sovereignties. They take action in many sectors such as catharsis, propulsion and therapy.

The six major Elohim open the gates of the third and fourth dimensions in order for the force of evolutions and love for God, descends. As I already mentioned, humans are only aware of the six Elohim. They are found on the twelfth level of the dimension that they command. They are able to release the human souls that are ready to be upgraded, in order to be unfettered from their dependencies and illusions added to them by the Nephilim, during their descend to earth. Their forces penetrate our own solar system which belongs to the lower dimensions (third and fourth). The earth came under the negative influence of the Nephilim (the fallen). This thralldom excluded the earth from what we know as heaven, which was a huge galaxy on the fifth dimension. The souls that acceded to the orders of the recalcitrant Nephilim were trapped on earth. The story of the Fall and the reasons behind it, are recorded in my first book “The Nephilim Galaxy – The Waking”. The earth’s and the human’s thralldom ended in 1996, thus providing the ability to thousands of living humans to discern the spiritual truth behind the veil of illusion that the dynasty of the Nephilim had projected onto them.

All these years I have been guiding my school’s students, through the heavenly entities, to come into touch with their higher selves and to free themselves from karmic causes. In the past few years, the earth completed its last evolutionary cycle. I was given the resonant mission to rapidly release the earth from the commitments the Nephilim had placed upon it during our incarnations within it. I was given 9 liberating seals of the major Elohim. During the procedure of initiation of the transcendental journey (that I’m realizing with my students) to our birthplace, which is found on one of the planets within the fifth dimension, the binding seals placed by the dominant Nephilim during our descend are untied.

Every Elohim provides a seal-key of release.

Following the nine releases, the student is given the tenth and eleventh seal of release and, thus, the commitments that prevented abundance in all aspects of their lives are untied.

The eleventh seal is the seal of Christ. When we receive it, we acquire an immortal spiritual body. The twelfth seal opens up the clear communication with the twelve dimensions of the divine universe.

Students who are time-travelers are given the seal-keys with their sound frequencies in order for them to be able to transfer them to other human networks so that they can be released.

The seal-keys contain the Ternary power of love, the creator and true God of the universe. These keys unbind us from ancestral chains, thus, releasing these (ancestral) souls, so that they can pass on to the spheres of education and guidance.