Maria Zavou has been given a very simple way that gives all humans the possibility to achieve connection and union with their higher self.

We take three deep breaths and exhale while relaxing any tension we have. We empty our mind from pointless thoughts and focus on a powerful envisionment.


 We envision that we and our higher self look squarely at each other.


 If we know the name of our higher self, we invoke him by its name. If we don’t know the name, we invoke it as higher self.


We envision that from the heart stars an energy luminous ribbon that goes to the heart of our higher self and returns to ours again, in constant movement.

During the union we ask from our higher self to help us, and if we desire, to take over the plan of our life and shape it the way it knows best.

We complete the envisionment by thanking our higher self.


Integration is the immediate following step after connection.

During integration, the higher self is aligned with the Divine source and then with our energy centers.

Integration takes place as follows:

  • We relax
  • We do the connection
  • We envision that we move on slowly and “enter” in the body of our higher self.
  • We envision that we go back so that its face and our face are aligned on the front side.
  • We envision that we are together with our higher self in a luminous pyramid.

This pyramid reflects with earth, creating the following shape:




We are in the pyramid, whose top peak and bottom peak (reflection towards earth) are open.

The lower pyramid is our earthing.

  • We invoke the archangelic powers and envision their color frequency:

Archangel MICHAEL, at the peak of the pyramid, Red flame

Archangel GABRIEL, at the right of the pyramid, White flame

Archangel RAFAEL, at the left of the pyramid, Emerald flame

Archangel URIEL, at the front of the pyramid, Golden flame

Archangel ZAKHIEL, behind the pyramid, Purple flame

Archangel SAMUEL, inside and at the center of the pyramid, Pink flame

 Archangel Samuel connects the power of love to archangel Michael’s will, archangel Gabriel’s guidance, archangel Rafael’s treatment, archangel Uriel’s encouragement and archangel Zakhiel’s purification.

  • Later on, we invoke the Divine light, which we envision to enter the pyramid from its top open peak. We envision the Divine light “floodlighting” us and “purifying” us passing through all seven of our energy fields.



  • We envision any kind of disharmony be carried away, flowing inside the light and channeled on earth from the opening of the bottom peak of the pyramid.
  • We plead mother Earth to accept any disharmony, to absorb and mutate it to its big melting pot.

• We complete the process by thanking all the archangelic powers.