The approach to the fifth dimension is accomplished through self-awareness, through the advanced method of transcendental, visionary journeys (channeling) to planets of the fifth dimension galaxy.
There, Elohim (archangels) and the operative entities promote to humans the vision of a life which to others seems unrealistic and irrealizable.
The approach to the fifth dimension helps humans distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong. It is the dimension that brings luck and leads humans to progress and abundance. It enhances personality with traits such as self-confidence and optimism. Humans acquire the divine strength of their soul and realize they can achieve anything, as long as they want to.

The fifth dimension is the dimension of expansion; the student-time traveler is no longer hesitant to move away from the borders of the earthly dimension. He acquires impetus, enthusiasm and passion while at the same time restrains himself from “extravagant” desires.
When the human is channeled to this dimension, his spirit is inundated with information and knowledge. But this is done with discrimination, without moving away from reality. It is removed from the expectation and waiting of the future and reset in the immediate proper handling of life and its matter.

In the beginning, before it is proven that all of this is real and not just a dream, it is very easy for the student- time traveler to become disappointed. But the archangels and the entities of masters with whom the students-time travelers are networked inspire really advanced ideas to humans, away from restrains and prejudices. This way they urge the soul to find its individuality, its freedom and equality. Then any form of restrains of the divine spirit is lifted.

The fifth dimension is not restrained by the tight bonds of the sense of space and time. It allows humans to create the future they want, without being afraid to diverge from the illusion of habit.

Approaching the fifth dimension  humans come in contact with the collective subconscious. They sense and perceive everything hidden behind appearances and opinions. Then, being now inhabitants of the fifth dimension, they turn into receivers of knowledge and information and develop gradually a direct connection to the advanced technology, space and science.

Humans, first as visitors and later on as permanent residents of the fifth dimension, break the bonds that held them back. They fill with self-confidence and understand they can accomplish everything when they unite with the hidden divine records of their souls!