In order for humans to realize such a special, hard, visionary journey, they need:

  • A master-guide
  • The higher self
  • Entities – navigators from the fifth dimension

The master-guide is a chosen person, who needs to have spent many years of hard and often arduous training.

Then, the union of the human with his higher self creates a channel of energies with electromagnetic flow, stellar, mental and intellectual. This channel, through the genetic records of soul, creates an energy carrier, which in essence is the true body of the soul. The energy carrier is a mental Avatar, which we can send to higher dimensions such as the fifth or the sixth.

The Avatar body has the mental frequency structures of these dimensions, so it can travel there easily, while the stellar and electromagnetic carrier of the human is made by ethereal and stellar networks, the result being that it can only approach the ethereal and stellar dimension of earth (third & fourths).

Also, for such a visionary-transcendental journey, the presence of entities-navigators from the fifth dimension is important.

These navigators are connected to the higher selves of the group of students – time travelers, creating a strong complex of lattice energy. Then, they activate a gate through secret acoustic codes, which have been given to the master-guide. The acoustic codes are expressed collectively by the master-guide and the students-time travelers and with the help of the navigators the gate opens and a channel is activated that leads specifically to the Nephelon galaxy of the fifth dimension.


Our solar system is a reflection of the Nephelon galaxy. In essence it is a virtual reality which humans consider to be true. When the channel is activated, the group penetrates the gate and travels through rings of advancement and conversion, in a safety zone-station, that divides earth’s dimensions from the Nephelon galaxy of the fifth dimension.

There, in the zone-station, other codes are used for the group to be able to finally enter the Nephelon galaxy and its various planets.



As a spiritual guide, I have acquired unique elements in these transcendental journeys that have been taking place in my venue the last 16 years, and I include relevant details in by book “Journey to the Fifth Dimension – A Divine Journey”.