The fifth dimension is an inner dimension to which archetypes, the past, the present and the future converge.

It is a real place, but in order to be approached it needs a carrier compatible to the rules of this dimension.




The fifth dimension is defined by the following forms:

  • Expansive light dimension
  • Ultra-quick photons dimension
  • Holograms dimension
  • Polymorphic image dimension

A part of the huge galaxy of the fifth dimension corresponds to our celestial firmament and it is called Nephelon galaxy.

Every planet of the Nephelon galaxy corresponds to one of our planet’s but also to its fifth-dimensional form.

The planets of the fifth dimension do not have soil. The nature of each planet is extensions of crystallic structure forms.

The existence of the fifth dimension has already been accepted by certain researchers- astrophysicists.

Maria Zavou, being a spiritual guide, has been trained to lead human souls to the fifth dimension, in order for them to complete their personal courses cycle. On the planets of Nephelon galaxy karmic erasures take place, center alignments and initiations, so that the humans can approach their luminous personality while still alive.