There is a magic universe…

…where planets compose God’s body. God is MATTER, SOUL and SPIRIT.

The energy centers (chakras) of God are ten and called DIMENSIONS

Here we will deal with the first six, which are the following:


  • 1st dimension

Organisms only of length

  • 2nd dimension

Organisms of length and width

  • 3rd dimension

Organisms of length, width and height

This dimension is inhabited by humans with their material body

  • 4th dimension

This dimension is inhabited by humans with their stellar and mental body. It is the dimension where the human soul exists.

  • 5th dimension

It is the celestial homeland of the human souls. This is the dimension the souls used to be before the “fall” (original sin) and this is where they have to return. This is where the soul used to live along with the higher self in a binary shape. The soul was sent to the fourth dimension and the higher self remained in the fifth.

  • 6th dimension

Archangels and angels. The archangels and angels are born by God’s materialized thoughts and are called angelic entities.

  • 7th dimension
  • 8th dimension
  • 9th dimension
  • 10th dimension

Humans live between the third and fourth dimension. Yet, the time of the fourth dimension starts closing and earth starts accepting the time of the fifth dimension. The fifth-dimensional time is “inflated”, there is a simultaneous perception of length, width and height from all sides! When planet earth obtains the fifth-dimensional energy, it will enter the Meta-Atlantic period.

In order for the human soul to return to the fifth dimension and be able to coordinate with the energy planet shift it will have to fulfill its karmic debts.

Every human soul comes to life in order to complete a plan. The cycle of incarnations of each soul closes, so the soul returns to its celestial homeland, when the soul obtains full self-awareness and overcomes its karmic imprints.

Maria Zavou, through the use of a special technique she has been given transfers her students to the fifth dimension through visionary – transcendental journeys. This is the place where works of karmic erasure take place and the students – time travelers make a conscious transition to the future. With this conscious transition to the celestial homeland, personal codes-divine frequencies are activated, with which humans literally are transmuted.








Maria Zavou has been given the codes to open the gates of the fifth dimension, as well as the knowledge of the fifth-dimensional dialect.