Angelic Entities

Angels are born from the union of the Divine Light + Divine Thought.

They are creatures of ministry, sexless, and do not incarnate on material fields.

They always have a tendency to good, follow divine laws and evolve themselves, according to their own hierarchies.

Angels, by nature, do not have free choice and have not experienced human qualities.

The divine frequencies of the archangels open paths of direction, inspiration, optimism and creativity for humans.

Through divine guidance humans learn the secrets of success.

An important message, which the celestial entities of archangels constantly carry, is that they want to help humans but cannot come close to them because they cannot interfere with free will.

Learn to invoke the archangels and ask for their help on your daily life. You shall receive it.

When archangels pass along orders of healing, development, purification and creativity, then the developing spiritual intelligence rejuvenates the mind and humans discover their personal path, their own truth and abundance.