The planet is rapidly changing on all levels, completing the ultimate cycle of a long and arduous process of evolution.

Along with the planet a lot of humans change in terms of consciousness but also body.

As the fifth dimension enters our solar system and Earth itself, its crystal structures receive photons of mutation and alteration. This way, the old traumatic memory of the crystals goes through continuous catharses.

The initiation in crystals with fifth-dimensional actions was given to the visionary-channel Maria Zavou in order for her to speed up catharsis and healing of the crystal structures of the earth but also of humans.

During the activation, fifth-dimensional coordinators go through the energy gate to our material dimension, the third. These regulators with the fifth-dimensional crystal they carry remove with special handling any kind of negative memory or toxic action by the earthly crystal the students carry. After that, they insert new codes with instructions for coordination, healing, catharsis and protection.

The activated fifth-dimensional crystals are incorporated in the angelic healing which through their use regenerates, improves and becomes enhanced producing immediate and in essence healing results.


The first two crystal trilogies represent the six basic Elohim of the protection pyramid.

1st trilogy: White – Green – Purple

2nd trilogy: Red – Pink – Golden

3rd trilogy: Turquoise – Blue – Azure

Reprogramming of connection and total enhancement of the 6 basic crystals.

WHITE CRYSTAL: Strong receiver and transmitter. It coordinates all the healing crystals.

GREEN CRYSTAL: Healer and surgical tool in the focus of disease. Enhancement of the immune system.

PURPLE CRYSTAL: Strong purifier. It dissolves the neurotoxins that obstruct the organ function. It purifies the aura and the energy centers.

RED CRYSTAL: It strengthens blood and gives a dynamic and will to reach the goals.

PINK CRYSTAL: Modifier of sentiment enhancement. It aids emotional traumas and boosts self-love.

GOLDEN CRYSTAL: It develops our intellect, our communication and our abundance on all levels. It heals neurosystem diseases.

TURQUOISE CRYSTAL: It protects from negative assaults. It heals neck problems. It develops the creative talent.

BLUE CRYSTAL: It enhances strength and stability. It aids in matters related to the brain, communication and intellect body

AZURE CRYSTAL: It opens up intuition and communication. It boosts gentle feelings. It sooths down nervousness and confusion. It enhances balance. It clears up complicated situations.


Development –enhancement of our abundance on the five levels. Love – Luck – Health- Material Abundance – Harmony.


The pear as a living organism symbolizes faith and confirmation of our choice to the Solar –Christ Path.



A two-day seminar of crystal-therapy with the aim to train healers to the application of activated healing crystals. The seminar is a complement of knowledge for all professional energy healers that offers the latter enhancement on the level of rendering therapeutic services.

  • Healers’ training seminar on therapy applications of archangels powers through the use of fifth-dimensional crystals.
  • Purification of the aura and centers through the fifth-dimensional crystals.
  • Balance of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic system.
  • Reprogramming – healing of neurons and the central neuro system.
  • Healing codes and their use.

INSTRUCTOR: Fotaki Giolanda, Angeliki, fifth-dimensional crystals healer, instructor of space energy purification and crystal therapy


Presentation by Yolanda Fotaki

– A pioneer method of crystal therapy

– A combination of crystals, sound and colours

– The beginning of future therapy into human cells
The planet Earth is changing rapidly at all levels, completing the last cycle of a long and painful process of evolution.
Together with the planet, many people change both consciously and physically.
As the 5th Dimension plane enters the solar and Earth’s system, the crystalline
structures receive mutation and transformation photons.
The crystal healing with 5th dimensional energies, helps to accelerate the purification and treatment available for all people.
During the therapy session, 5th dimensional Angelic coordinators that guide the
healing process are present.
The crystals are living entities of high intelligence with certain strengths and qualities and they work together with the angelic coordinators and the healers.
The crystals as energy transformers, they are offering therapeutic results in high levels, promoting energy jumps, mutating and updating even the human DNA.
These mutations and updates help people develop compatible mental consciousness with the new information, so that they can cope with the rapid changes that occur across the globe.
This healing method removes with special manipulations the negative or toxic energies, while it activates new qualities of balancing, healing, purification, protection and healthy commands throughout our nervous system.
Connecting to the heart and trusting the Higher Self throughout the healing process, is a key element so all the changes that occur to be successfully absorbed and grounded. Enjoy it!


Introduction to crystal therapy.

Crystal healing from 5th dimesional, are powerful, alternative therapies for the soul and body via the therapeutic force of energies and higher powers. This innovative method of alternative complementary therapy of psychic and physical diseases, by a higher communication with the fifth and sixth dimension of the universe.
1.The pyramid as a healing tool:
Connection to our Divine Parents and our Twin Flame, activation of the 6 Archangelic powers, purification of the aura and alignment of all the bodies, cutting off negative thought forms and traumas, Archangelic messages, healing, guidance and grounding of all the 6 main archangelic healing properties.
2.Cleansing of the seven energy centres, ‘’ΑΣΠΙΛΗ ΔΥΝΑΜΗ’’.
3.Enhancement of the neurological function in the two lobes of the brain and entering of new commands.
4.Balancing of the two opposing creative forces within (Yin-yang).Restoring energy flow to the spine and to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
5.Rebalancing the main glands of the body. Installing new commands across the neurological network at the material, etheric, emotional, psychical and mental bodies.
6.The healing code of Mother Mary and her 5 therapeutic qualities.
7.Completion and closure of the treatment with sound crystalline codes to maintain the therapy.

Special notification
Yolanda Fotaki as a crystal  healer, have been specifically trained to operate the crystals and to work along with the Angelic coordinators during the session in many different levels.
After many years of experience in practice they channel healing messages concerning each individual or group and this makes each healing session totally
Acting always under the guidance and the support of the Higher Selves and the Angelic teachers the crystal healing is a harmonious way of healing that respects
the needs of each person.