In the beautiful area of the Gate of Angels school the students are given crash courses and taught how to paint, originally a face using a technique that does not require having any talent. All of us can paint our higher self…

The paint workshop is a free paint program with a small number of people that can be attended by anyone, regardless of age. While it is a group course, each student is approached and taught the technique individually — so that he is able even from the first class — to complete the drawing of a face. He learns basic knowledge of drawing – colors – composition. Thereafter the student can pick the subject he wishes and be trained in all the techniques around its completion so that he can capture it in a technically perfect manner. This could be a depiction of a face, landscape, dead nature, or experiential pictures from the transcendental trips (channeling) of the school, archangels, angels, and others. Painting is a silent mediation. The completion of a painting work reflects the completion of our personal goals in the work of our spiritual life.

INSTRUCTOR: Fotaki Ioanna, Arts professor, graduate of School of Fine Arts