Spiritual surgeries, which were proposed by Maria Zavou, are powerful, alternative therapies for the soul and body via the therapeutic force of energies and higher powers. This innovative method of alternative complementary therapy of psychic and physical diseases has been provided to the spiritual channel of the visionary author, painter and spiritual teacher Maria Zavou, by a higher communication with the fifth and sixth dimension of the universe.

During a spiritual surgery, in the space where the sessions take place and the people undergoing treatment are laid, an “ethereal” gate filled with energy is “unsealed” toward the fifth and sixth dimensions, through which the therapeutic energies pass in the form of higher vibrations. With Maria Zavou’s guidance and coordination, the energies of the higher dimensions “work” on the stellar soul carrier of the people undergoing therapy, who are found in a state of meditation and relaxation, yet are fully alert on a mental level. The deep karmic causes of their disease are detected and subsequently “cut off”, eliminating thus the root of the problem. In this way, the existing medical treatment the patient is receiving is reinforced, its effectiveness maximized and, in time, improvement and complete therapy supervene. Additionally, if appropriate, parts of the stellar carrier that have been irreparably damaged are “removed” and, at this point, nanoglobules of advanced technology are “injected” in the form of photons, which have their own intelligence and carry incorporated commands of reconstruction, regeneration, revitalization and mutation. As time passes, these nanoglobules “pass through” the ethereal micro-tubules from the stellar soul carrier to the material body of the patient, thus grounding their therapeutic effects.

In other cases, scanning globules are “channeled” which are spread across the entire stellar carrier of the patient treated, detecting possible lesions of the psyhic cells or organs, which are then restored discharging the energy congestion at the specific point.

Procedures on the central spiritual nervous system of the patient treated, constitute a large chapter of spiritual surgeries. In this case, as well, by use of energy-filled nano-globules, lesions of the psychic nervous cells are detected and, when appropriate, parts of the psychic neurons are “removed” which are then “replaced” with sperms carrying commands of reconstruction and regeneration. As a result, the even communication of synapses is restored, the function of the nervous system is balanced and the spiritual – and by extension the physical – health of the patient is improved as a whole.

The complementary form of the spiritual surgery therapy may constitute an alternative management of disease, providing the patient treated with a sense of mental well-being and relief. Spiritual surgeries are an exclusivity of Maria Zavou. They take place at the school of the Gate of Angels, in Thessaloniki and abroad (Cyprus and Finland), in selected spaces where Maria Zavou is lecturing.


(Spiritual surgeries do not substitute in any way the existing medical and drug therapy, or constitute a therapy on their own for any diagnosed condition. They function in a complementary and fortifying manner on the existing medical therapy, as an alternative form of mental energy therapy.)