5th Dimension. Thousands of galaxies…, millions of stars…
All of them inhabited, only the molecular structure is thin. It is an actual Dimension with its own planetary system, which is placed in the future in the year 10.000A.D. This is where all the upcoming transmutations on Earth are designed and decided on. Maria Zavou, through insight and meditation “visits” the 5th Dimension and “transfers” her students there. In these “divine” journeys, the soul awakens and humans develop super-consciousness and super-intellect. Humans experience mental and spiritual pleasure and the gifts, creativity and abundance, are activated.

The JOURNEY TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION is a self-awareness gospel. Inner codes of transmutation are written in the book, which activate the primeval power. The readers pass unconsciously to the initiatory stages and evolve.
Through the initiations exceptional personal enhancements emerge. Divine genetic material is channeled, with which humans can heal themselves. The women’s wombs are transmutated and carry crystallic souls which signify the new cycle of Earth’s evolution and prepare the way for the metahumans.
Also, there is higher information in the book which concern Christ’s birth, who was a crystal soul incarnated on Earth from the 5th Dimension.

On of the most discussed books of the writer. Illustrated with three-dimensional pictures of the stunning reality of the 5th Dimension, it depicts perfectly the quintessence of the celestial human homeland.